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A letter from the desk of
James Hardin, Executive Director of LRDA


Lumbee Homecoming: Still Turning the Corner towards 50 Years!

       Lumbee Homecoming: Change That Means Something 1968-2016!

     Lumbee Homecoming is 48 years old and counting down to 50!! In 1968 when Lumbee Homecoming was established, across the nation in “Indian Country” Indian pride was on the up growth, largely in part to the militant messages that were coming from out west by leaders of the organization known as AIM, or the American Indian Movement.


      Lumbee Homecoming has played a significant role in our people’s renaissance of pride and tribal identity renewal across our communities, in our state, and even the nation. LRDA’s founding in 1968 was ripe for the times.  


          A retired Lumbee elder who worked in the Robeson County school system told me in my office several years ago that before LRDA began promoting our heritage and culture she witnessed Indian children coming into her classroom lacking a sense of self-confidence and pride in who they were as Indians.   


         She said she witnessed a change over time in her Indian students due to what LRDA was doing to promote Lumbee pride, culture and heritage. What a compliment to those leaders, employees and volunteers of this agency going back to its founding!


        Lumbee Homecoming showcases our historic educational, social, economic, political and cultural contributions to our communities, county, state and nation. These achievements would not have been possible without past and present leaders who were and are of a strong faith in God, and a strong work ethic, anchored in an individualistic, non-co-dependent Lumbee pride.


        A Lumbee chancellor returning to “our” university and community, is a great source of pride for Lumbee people.  Our partnership with the University in hosting major events on the campus during Lumbee Homecoming links indelibly the historic Lumbee roots of that great institution to all our tribal communities in modern times.    


      Our Lumbee youth will always need and want role models in their lives.  We also believe that He has placed Dr. Cummings at this position, place, and time in our history, particularly for our tribal youth. It signifies that historic Lumbee value trait of the importance of education in the success of our people as a whole, so we all can seek and capture the blessed economic benefits that come with our modern society.


     Just knowing the Lumbee connection to the University is and should be important historical knowledge all of our tribal youth needs, so they can pass it proudly to their children and future generations.  What other tribal people in our country accomplished the founding of such a great educational institution in the 18th century?!!


     We hope that you will enjoy all the events at Lumbee Homecoming 2016.  On behalf of the Lumbee Regional Development Association Board of Directors and staff we appreciate your attendance and hope that memories will be made for adults and our youth that will last a lifetime.



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